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New Website Launch

Welcome to my new [online] home!

On Sunday, Feb 21st 2021, I launched my new personal website with a fresh new buffet of offerings. During the short & sweet online event I showed my guests around the new online home I created and spoke about the newly designed offer. I was especially excited to share some absolutely fresh items that I released online for the first time ever!

I called the online launch a "housewarming party" thinking it's a cool way to introduce a website in these crazy times we live in. But it was only during the experience when I realised how much deeper this ran. I wasn't just showing the guests around the different rooms in my online home. I was actually letting them into the different spaces within my heart and it felt very intimate.

The inspiration for my new website came from a desire to finally show up in the world in my fullness as a woman and a human being. I spent most of my life looking for that one thing that could define me, that one specific box I could comfortably fit myself into: one mission, one talent, one purpose, one job. It never worked. But it often made me feel like a failure. Recently I started questioning this feeling. How can such diversity and richness be regarded as failure? Why do I need to choose? Why should I limit myself? So what that it all doesn't perfectly fit together?

I'm done following the mainstream narrative and I'm ready to come out as the multi-talented and multi-dimensional being that I truly am. In the past you might have known me as Paulina - The Singer, or Paulina - The Events Coordinator, or Paulina - The Mother. Yes to all of that, and to so much more! Am I scared of going all out? Worried that it will intimidate you and make you confused? Sure I Am! But the desire to finally show you all my colors and share with you all my gifts is way bigger and way more exciting!

So... Here I Am! Come and meet me. And...

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ― Mary Oliver

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