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Gentle Embodiment

& Self-Connection Practice

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with embodiment classes, where performance gives way to profound connection, embracing you just as you are. Nurturing a sanctuary within, these sessions unlock the wisdom of your body, transforming challenges into stepping stones and paving the way for authentic connections that resonate within, and beyond. This practice is centered on rediscovering the authentic language in which our bodies communicate, fostering a gentle, tender relationship that can be profoundly healing.

Reclaim Your Body & Embrace Your Radiance with



a four-week journey towards self-discovery, healing, and embracing your body just as it is!

Every Monday in April

7:00 pm CET (45-60 min)

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Do you struggle with body image or feel disconnected from your physical self?

In this empowering experience, I invite you to join me on a journey guided by the intention to cultivate a profound connection with your body, not as an object for evaluation, but as a vessel of sensual delight and vibrant life force. Inspired by the desire to feel good within our bodies we explore a practice that celebrates all our senses. 

Throughout this special themed April experience, we delve deep into the essence of "body love."

In just four weeks, you'll:

Awaken your sensuality

Discover practices to reconnect with your body's pleasure potential.


Nourish your vitality

Learn breath and sound techniques to feel more vibrant and alive.

Embrace movement

Explore joyful, body-positive movement practices.

Integrate touch and self-care

Develop healthy routines for nurturing your whole self.


Through live classes, pre-recorded audio practices, reflective playbook exercises, and supportive pod connections, we create a space for gentle exploration and profound healing.

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Whether you're navigating body image struggles, seeking to feel more vibrant and alive in your body, or simply craving a space for self-exploration and connection,

Home Within: BodyLove might just be what you need!

Experience Details

What you will receive:

Weekly themed classes led by Paulina

Pre-recorded audio practices released weekly for daily embodiment

Reflective playbook exercises to deepen your journey

Pod support (sharing WhatsApp group) for additional guidance and connection.


This program operates on a "pay what you can" model, ensuring accessibility for all women. No matter where you are on your journey, you are warmly welcomed here.

Date: April 1st - April 30th, 2024

Weekly classes on Mondays at 7:00 pm CET

(except the last class, which will be on Tue Apr 30th)

Location: Online

Zoom link provided upon registration


Register and receive a special bonus -

access to a library of Home Within practices

Ready to cultivate lasting body love and join a supportive community? 

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