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Sisterhood & Feminine Mysteries

Where do I begin?!

I don't actually remember my first Sisterhood Circle but I do remember that having the experience cracked my world open. I soon learned that when women come together ready to open their sacred bodies and hearts with one another, our cups are filled to the brim. Already as girls we are conditioned to believe that our fulfilment and satisfaction lie in the hands of our romantic partners. It is a revolutionary experience to find out that we can rely on our sisters to fulfil our most basic needs for deep heart connection, loving touch, nurturance, emotional support. When we open ourselves to experience deep connections with other women, when we let ourselves love and be loved by our sisters, we are nourished in a way that allows us to start meeting the world from a place of abundance instead of lack. And most importantly for me, we start to relax into our authentic being, and begin to free our hearts and minds, so that we can live our lives with joy and ease.

But there is more...

When in the Spring of 2018 Sumir Brown reached out to me and asked for support with her first Feminine Rising event, my answer was a clear and immediate "YES!". Just a year before I scribbled in my notes a question: "How to support the rise of the Divine Feminine?". SHE responded. Then and there I knew that serving the rebalancing of the energies on this planet through actively supporting the current of the Feminine to rise was my deep heart's calling and life's mission.

Since then I have been committed to the path of rewilding and sacred embodiment, deepening and opening my heart, and fierce self-inquiry around (internal & external) patriarchy.

[artwork by Wild Yoni Energy]

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