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Crafting Transformative Experiences for Life’s Precious Moments

Luminous Roots Events

Hello and welcome!

I'm Paulina Bolek and I specialize in curating personalized ceremonies and rituals that go beyond ordinary celebrations. With a big passion for creating authentic connections and fostering emotional depth, I invite you to experience the magic of heart-centered and life-affirming events.


As your guide, I bring a unique blend of expertise as an embodiment guide, certified circle facilitator, and singer-songwriter. My background in transformative coaching and facilitation allows me to infuse each ceremony with the alchemical power of music and voice, creating an atmosphere of genuine joy and profound resonance.


Why "Luminous Roots"?

"Roots" symbolize our interconnectedness, much like the vast network of roots beneath ancient trees, reminding us that we are all fundamentally connected. They signify a grounded approach, representing wisdom and experience that forms the foundation of my ceremonies. "Luminous," on the other hand, brings the touch of magic, representing the light within us, the illumination that comes with profound moments, and the vibrant joy of life itself. Together, "Luminous Roots" encapsulates the deep connections we foster, grounded in wisdom and experience, yet illuminated by the touch of magic and the radiant light of celebration.

Why Choose Luminous Roots Events?

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I believe in more than just planning events; I create intimate gatherings where genuine connections and emotional depth are at the heart of every moment.

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Your celebration is as unique as you are. I customize each ceremony, integrating live music, Heart IQ™ Circles, embodiment practices, and guided meditations to match your vision.

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With years of experience, I guide you through heartfelt ceremonies that celebrate love, life, and all the precious moments in between.

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I stand at the intersection of tradition and innovation, blending ancient wisdom with modern understanding. My ceremonies aren’t just events; they are profound, life-affirming experiences that leave you transformed, connected, and deeply fulfilled.

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I  create...


Crafted to reflect your essence, my ceremonies are a fusion of old traditions and modern awareness. Just like me, they are a mix of grounded wisdom and experience with a touch of magic.


Whether it's a wedding, birthday, anniversary, bridal or baby shower, I create an atmosphere of emotional depth paired with joyful authentic connections. 


Build your perfect experience from elements like Live Music, Heart IQ™ Circle, Sisterhood Circle, Primal Play, Connection Rituals, Meditations - let's chat to discover which combo is best for you and your occasion.

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Let's get started

Ready to transform your celebration into a deeply meaningful experience? I invite you to reach out and schedule a free consultation. Together, let's plan an event that resonates with your soul and creates lasting memories.

What others say

When Paulina is expressing her soulenergy through her voice and her guitar, I can not not having goosebumps. It feels like divine presence coming through. The songs she writes contain magical words and she sings them with so much emotion giving me the opportunity to be present and feel into a deeper layer in myself. I always feel a little bit in heaven in these moments.


The first three photographs on this page were captured by @katharinamuessle. The remaining photographs are from personal archives. 

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