Paulina Bolek 

Inner Growth Coach and Event Host educated as a researcher and writer, specializing in Philosophy, Culture and Gender Studies. With a professional background in event/project coordination and hospitality.  


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Having obtained my Master's Degree in Philosophy in Poland I followed my passion and became one of the early graduates of a now well-established and prestigious double degree program in Women's and Gender Studies (GEMMA). I had the privilege to study in several different countries and finally in 2011 I had settled in the Netherlands, where until 2013 I worked at Utrecht University as a project and conference coordinator. And then, my temporary contract ended.


I realized my life path was leading me away from my beloved academia and towards searching for something that would feel more meaningful and true. I entered a challenging period of finding my way anew as a Polish immigrant woman. I revisited my hospitality career from my 20's and worked in restaurants to pay the bills, while giving myself the time to discover what my next steps would be. I focused on inner growth, exploring what is left when everything you thought you once were is gone. My experiences and insights gained in that time, brought a dream to life: to work with women and to provide a safe space for them to explore their inner lives and personal empowerment, individually and in group settings. I wanted to use my academic education, my passion for women's issues and to combine it with my natural talents and my unrelenting love for authentic connection. Becoming a life coach and counsellor emerged as the next natural step on my path.


See, the thing is... I want to change the world. And I believe one of the ways to do that is by empowering women and girls to live authentic, meaningful and creative lives. Why focus on women? Because we are a force to be reckoned with, a force that already now creates substantial change in the world. But also a force that is still systematically denied, suppressed, or twisted to our disadvantage.


I want to provide space and opportunity for women from all walks of life to come together, reconnect to that force, to heal ourselves and our home - the Earth, and to create a lasting change in our world. One woman at a time.