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paulina bolek

I am an embodiment & self-connection guide, certified Heart IQ™ circle facilitator, and singer-songwriter. With my academic background in Feminist Philosophy and Gender Studies, I am passionate about empowering individuals to live courageous, purposeful multi-passionate lives.

Success, to me, is a kaleidoscope of possibilities, refusing to be boxed into a singular definition or a narrow path. I've come to understand that fulfillment stems from living a multi-passionate life, where the richness of experiences and the pursuit of diverse passions intertwine. My own journey has taught me that true sastisfaction lies in embracing the unique tapestry of one's interests and talents. As someone who passionately supports others in their quest to live their fullest expression, I find immense joy in witnessing individuals weave their narratives of success through authenticity, passion, and the unbridled pursuit of their dreams.

Since 2016, I have dedicated myself to coaching and facilitating transformative spaces (for individuals and groups), fostering authentic self-expression, deep self-connection, intimacy, and embodied fulfillment. My work is enriched by integrating the alchemical power of music and voice into my sessions. Drawing from my personal journey as a queer cisgender woman and mother, I anchor my work in heartfelt acceptance of the complexities of the human experience, infusing it with intuitive and deeply embodied energetic transmission.

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My Toolbox

In my practice I draw from the rich education I received since 2001

and my equally rich and diverse personal life experiences. I follow the guidance of my inner embodied knowing and the Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). 

Trainings & Education:

Certified Heart IQ™ Circle Facilitator Training (2023)

Embodied Intimacy Yearlong Training (2020)

Various retreats and trainings with Heart IQ since 2017

Certified Professional Training at the Academy for Coaching and Counselling (2016)

Art of Hosting: Conversations that Matter at Knowmads Business School (2015)

Joint Master’s Degree in Gender Studies & Ethnicity/Public Relations (2010)

Master’s Degree in Philosophy (2008)


In my eclectic toolbox you will find:

Sisterhood & Feminine Mysteries; Tantra; Heart IQ™ Circle Facilitation & Communication Skills; Trauma Awareness and Somatic Resourcing; Psychedelic and Plant Medicine Wisdom; Sound Healing; Shamanic Practices; Rewilding and Archetype Work; Stage Performance; Meditation; Dance & Embodiment; Art of Hosting, Graphic and Web Design 

Would you like to learn more about my inspirations and influences?

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