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  • What is Primal Play?
    Primal Play is a practice designed to help you reconnect with yourself and others through authentic, embodied exploration. Imagine a space where you can slow down, tune into your body's signals, and connect with others in a safe and playful way. Primal Play uses simple tools like breath, sound, movement, and touch to create deep, non-verbal connections. It's about fostering a sense of safety within yourself, so you can gently explore interactions with others. Primal Play is a modality which Paulina learned and practiced during the Embodied Intimacy year-long training. Find out more about Embodied Intimacy here:
  • What kind of experiences will I have?
    The beauty of Primal Play is the variety of experiences it can offer. You might find yourself engaged in a silent dance with another participant, expressing joy through playful sounds, or simply sharing a moment of deep eye contact. There may be opportunities for gentle cuddling, playful wrestling, or shared laughter and tears. The core is about being present, exploring your authentic self, and experiencing a range of emotions in a safe and supported environment.
  • What does the event actually look like?
    We usually begin with dropping in together in a circle and with some gentle embodiment. During this time introductions and agreements are shared. We take things slow, we progress through a series of embodied practices focused on self-connection and somatic sense of safety. We slowly transition into connection practices. Primal play itself takes place in several timed and guided rounds where people encounter each other on designated play areas. The practice is non-verbal except for the rounds of sharing harvest and medicine. We usually complete with group co-regulation practice, for example a cuddle puddle or a coupled breathing and presencing practice.
  • Do I need experience beforehand?
    No. This workshop is designed to be welcoming and accessible to everyone, regardless of prior experience. Whether you're a seasoned explorer of self-discovery or just curious to learn more, you're welcome here.
  • Is this a sexual event?
    No, Primal Play is not a sexual event. While the workshop explores connection, sensuality and intimacy, it does so in a non-sexual way. There will be no nudity, clothes will stay on throughout, and there is no exchange of bodily fluids. The focus is on building trust and exploring playful interactions without any sexual pressure.
  • Is this a dating event?
    No. While connections may be sparked organically, this is not the objective of this event. What happens on the mat, stays on the mat - any encounters in this event are meant as a conscious connection practice, not an opportunity to start a new romantic relationship. I am working on developing a "Playdate" version of the workshop where the objective will be to have a chance to meet potential dating partners. Stay tuned!
  • Can I participate with a partner?
    Yes, the workshop is open to both singles and couples/partners. Whether you come alone or with someone, the space encourages clear communication and establishing agreements with anyone you choose to interact with during the workshop activities.
  • What about diversity and inclusion?
    This space is actively committed to dismantling systems of oppression and celebrating the diversity of human experience. My work is rooted in feminist and anti-racist values, which means challenging biases based on categories such as race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, ability, and other identities. In my opinion "respect and allyship" are just the starting point, therefore, I strive to be an active accomplice in the fight for liberation of all, to amplify marginalized voices, and to create content that is accessible and free from discrimination. I continuously educate myself on feminist and anti-racist issues, and the ways they intersect with other oppressions. I acknowledge that this is an ongoing journey and I am committed to learning and growing.
  • Can I participate if I have a disability or limited mobility?
    Absolutely! The workshop exercises are designed to be adaptable to your individual needs and physical capabilities. If you have any concerns, feel free to reach out to me beforehand to discuss any necessary modifications. The workshop takes place at a wheelchair accessible location.
  • Is Primal Play a lot like Playfight?
    While Primal Play might involve elements of wrestling or playful movement, it's distinct from playfighting. Primal Play emphasizes slow, intimate connection and attuned sensuality. It uses breath, sound, and touch to build a safe space for exploring deeper connections beyond words. Playfighting, on the other hand, focuses more on simulated combat and releasing energy through physical exertion. Primal Play aims to cultivate a sense of vulnerability and shared experience, whereas playfighting is a more playful and energetic release.
  • Is Primal Play a tantric event?
    One might say that Primal Play is a tantric practice due to: the focus on embodied presence turning towards and not away from a present moment experience dropping deep into the bodily sensations allowing for the energy (life force) in the body to move freely and be expressed using intimacy and connection as a spiritual practice of inner growth However, I'm staying away from framing Primal Play as a tantric event, because: I have not received any specific tantric training which makes me uncomfortable with using that label to describe my work. Tantra is very often misunderstood as relating specifically to sex, while what it actually is about is "sexual energy" which is simply "life force". This misconception creates too much confusion. So while Primal Play allows for life force to move and be expressed, it is not a practice for sexual encounters. While tantra often emphasizes the union of masculine and feminine energies, my rendition of Primal Play draws inspiration from queer theory. This means it welcomes a spectrum of gender identities and expressions, and the connections that form are not limited by traditional gender binaries and neo-tantric polarity teachings. The focus is on creating a safe space for exploration through play and embodied exercises, open to a wide range of experiences including cuddling, laughter, and tears.
  • Is Primal Play like Contact Improv?
    Primal Play, while sharing some elements with contact improvisation, takes a distinct approach. Contact improvisation is a dance form that explores physical connection and movement dynamics with a partner. It emphasizes improvisation, agility, and the joy of physical discovery. Primal Play, on the other hand, prioritizes slow, intimate connection and attuned sensuality. It uses breath, sound, and touch to build a safe space for exploring deeper connections that go beyond the physical. The focus is on creating a sense of vulnerability and shared experience, fostering emotional intimacy that may not be present in contact improvisation.
  • What should I wear?
    Comfort is key! Wear loose-fitting clothing that allows for freedom of movement. Consider what makes you feel good - cozy, sensual, or relaxed - and choose clothes that reflect that feeling.
  • What about scents?
    To ensure a comfortable environment for everyone with sensitive nervous systems, please avoid strong perfumes and synthetic smells from lotions or hair products. Natural essential oils used sparingly are perfectly acceptable.
  • Do I need to be sober?
    Yes, it's important that you are. Sensitive nervous systems will be affected by your altered state as we drop in together which might not allow for the somatic sense of safety to be co-created during the workshop, in turn, significantly impacting the overall experience for everyone.
  • Should I arrive early?
    I recommend arriving 15 minutes before the workshop starts. This allows you time to settle in, meet the facilitator, and ask any questions you might have. The doors will close at the scheduled start time to ensure a smooth flow for the workshop activities.


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