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Wild  Mama


A rewilding space for women

To re-connect with your wild woman's heart and sacred body.

To be held and nurtured in a safe and sacred container of Sisterhood.

Our tools: breath, sound, movement, touch, soul-conversations, ceremony.

Wild  Mama way is a way of "good enough"

It's a way of doing things that light me up whenever and however I can, in the little spaces in between "daily life" and taking care of my son. It's a way that actively breaks my addiction to perfectionism and it challenges the fear of showing myself exactly as I am in the moment.


It's a way of courage, vulnerability, desire and truth.

It's a way of the Heart.

It's a way of Love.

To be wild

To be wild is to be free to express the deepest truth of your heart in every moment. 

To allow it to come to the surface and not turn away from it. 

To not turn away from yourself. 

To be wild is to be free to boldly live as You. 

To see yourself as fully as possible, light and dark, and everything in between. 

To be wild is to walk towards, not away from the fire.

The fire of your joy, your pain, your passion, your anger, your grief, your pleasure. 

And to feel it all, to have fear and still feel it all.


Wild Woman lives in your heart and your belly: full and plump with love, untamed, roaring, soft and gentle, fiercely holding you and guiding you home. 


The Home Within.


Paulina Bolek

Wild mama and a free woman, deeply feeling my way through Life. Devoted to speaking and embodying the truth of my heart in each moment. Consciously 

relaxing into authentic embodied being. Lover of The Mystery and Magic of Life. 


Embodiment Guide, Certified Heart iQ Circle Facilitator, Singer-Songwriter.  

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Would you like to join a Wild Mama Sisterhood Circle? 

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