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My journey with Heart iQ

I was introduced to Christian Pankhurst's work back in 2012. For several years I followed his online offerings and in January 2017 I attended my first live event which... to put simply... changed my life. Until today the main memory I share from that event is that this was the first time in my life when I felt safe in a large group of people. Safe to open, safe to receive, safe to share myself. This was also my first experience of a Heart Circle modality and I was hooked! I had never before experienced this type of group healing work and it felt authentically transformational. On top of that there was a clear sense of a community that was being actively built and co-created - it was clear to me that we were lying the foundations of the future of this Human Collective. A few months after my first event it so happened, that I jumped on the opportunity to become an events coordinator for Heart iQ and later New Eden Retreat Center (Heart

iQ homebase). In that role I had the privilege to participate in many more events and to practice Heart iQ communication skills and techniques,. My natural gifts and talents in the area of facilitation started coming to the surface. I have embraced my intuitive knowing and the deep wisdom that started coming more online. At some point my voice and music also found their way into the circle and became part of the healing process. The transmission of Heart iQ technology and paradigm that I have had the honor to receive through Christian, will forever remain at the core of my work. It is so much more than I can actually express in words because so much of this technology and paradigm is based in direct embodied experience. Suffice to say here, that I consider Heart iQ genuinely transformative, deeply grounded and beyond inspirational.

Heart iQ circles have taught me how to love and accept more of my and our perfectly-imperfect humanity, how to embrace my emotional range and how to step into my personal power. Simply: how to be more of my true deep self in this world. And! Let's not forget this crucial part: how to authentically share this self with others.

If you'd like to learn more about Heart iQ, please visit

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