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alchemize your dream into an online expression

of your heart's offering to the world

Are you a highly sensitive woman solopreneur

wanting to share your gift online?


Lost in chaos?

No idea where to begin?

Coaching & Web Design to
Unlock and Share your Gift
on l i n e

Something extra…

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visual design +




inner growth



The online expression of you and your work matters.

It is intimate...

and it's about the magic of connection through energetic impact.

When people land on your homepage or view your social media channels,

you want them to feel…


Nothing more, nothing less.. 

And for a lot of us this is exactly where the challenge lies: 

in unapologetically showing ourselves to the world,

taking our space and allowing for our voice to be heard. 


Here's where I come in. 


I put to work my coaching and guiding skills to empower your self-expression. 

I take the time to listen, feel, reflect and help you clarify your vision. We identify gaps and roadblocks and we work through them. I become an interpreter and translator of that vision into a visual landscape.


Together we work towards alchemizing your ideas

into an online expression of your heart's offering to the world.

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words of appreciation

Sylvie Fröhlicher

I am deeply grateful for Paulina’s magic in creating my website. I had been struggling for a long time and found myself procrastinating and unable to bring the content of my new offering - a project so close to my heart - into a format that I could share with the world. Paulina’s capacity to hold structure, her creative genius and loving compassion for the contractions and bumps I had to face along the way allowed me to have a website in no time. If you struggle with creating your website - she’s the real deal!

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which one is for you?


This offer is for those who know what they want and simply need someone to execute it. 

Starting package:

499 EUR


[empty] Self-Intimacy-desktop website (1350 × 2000 px)_edited_edited.png

Creation of a simple landing page or small scale website based on specific and clear guidelines from the client.

Free 30 min discovery call

2 rounds of revisions

Live online within 4-6 weeks



This offer is for those ready to go on a journey of self-discovery to have their unique vision and gift expressed online.

Starting package:

999 EUR


Fully customized visual design journey

vision creation + inner growth coaching


skills training to manage your website & create your visual content


Free 30 min discovery call

Unlimited revisions

Live online within 8-12 weeks

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past projects 
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