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My Life is My Project

This sentence came to me this morning as I noticed how I almost started shaming myself for not being busy enough with my "career" projects. I work hard every day. I put actual time and attention into opening my heart, my body, and my mind to new possibilities and ways of being, loving, living. It takes time and effort to sit with what is present for me in the moment and then decide where to move, or where to remain in stillness. It takes energy to show up in the world and in relationships as a mother, daughter, friend, partner, lover... SO MANY roles to make space for and be present for. My relationships take priority over my purpose. Or rather, my relationships are my purpose. The one with myself comes first. And as my beloved Liz Gilbert said recently in one of the interviews: "writing is my calling, but managing my mental health is my actual job". I could not agree more. Living in an "awake" state, however you want to define it, for me means being present, engaging in active self-inquiry, and opening my heart a little bit more every day, stretching into new shapes... and that's a full-time job. And now I need to go change my son's diaper so... gotta run! Love! ❤

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