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Intimacy Alchemy


Magical co-creation, that's how I would describe Paulina's process of creating my website. She has the ability to intuitively capture the atmosphere that invites people to explore a website beyond the text and images. In the creation process, there was a sisterhood in which I felt supported as a woman; she was vibrant, understanding, proactive, and resourceful. There were golden ideas in her connecting with what I wanted my clients to feel by getting to know me through my website, and I am infinitely grateful to Paulina for bringing this baby (because that's what it feels like giving birth to a business and website) into the world with me. She is so much more than just a website builder. If that's what you're looking for too, give her a call and trust your instincts. Trust the process because even when it seems like a lot or overwhelming, she is there for you.

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