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Home-less or Home-free


Home-less OR Home-free

Where to from here?

So much moving in my inner landscape right now.. grappling with groundlessness.. with childhood traumas... with core wounds of being human on this planet right now... facing my own closed-mindedness.. the painful realization that I often do not know how to love beyond differences...

Deeply touched by my deep dive with Maya Luna [ @depravedanddivine ] and the inquiry into my addiction to fixing/healing myself, others, and this world.

~There's nothing to fix. Nothing to be. Nothing other that what is already here. If life is not about fixing and healing myself, then... what is it about? What is my point for being here? If it's not about fixing and healing others from their "never-not-broken" humanity, what is it about then? If being human isn't a problem to be fixed, to transcend, to ascend, how to live this life?~

Let's see...

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