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I use my naturally expressive and vibrant voice to breathe life into your text and bring across the message you long to share with the world. I specialize in voiceover for inspirational and poignant projects that are aligned with the frequency of Heart and Purity. 


I'm a deeply empathic and creative being with over 20 years of stage experience as a performer, singer-songwriter and group facilitator. I'm happy to work closely with you to achieve the outcome you are hoping for and are genuinely satisfied with. I am professional, dedicated and passionate about using my voice in a way that lights up the audience of your choice. 

Voice & Sound Medicine

Finding Your Authentic Voice 

Whether in a group or individually, I guide you on a journey deep inside your body to find the source of your authentic voice. We use breath, sound and movement to tap into our inner knowing. We allow the natural vibration of our voices to purify our body, mind and spirit, and to attune to frequency of the Heart.