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Sisterhood Circle

If you’re a woman who has her feet planted firmly on the ground, but often finds herself with her head in the clouds…


If you’re an explosive mix of heart and mind, poetry and prose, wild girlhood and grounded womanhood…

And you’re longing to be a woman who:

Is conscious and knows her worth

Is full of vitality and enthusiasm

Lives her life to the fullest

Bravely takes on each day and accepts challenges

Knows how to deeply and freely experience moments of joy as well as moments of sorrow

Cultivates kind and loving relationship with her body

Knows her needs and desires, and knows how to communicate them

Is ready and willing to help and support other women

Wisely and consciously nourishes her body and soul

Can build deep and fulfilling relationships with others

Sisterhood Circles

Sisterhood Circles are a traditional form of coming together and spending our time in a conscious, intentional and safe way. Specific format of a circle goes beyond the everyday life chitchat and common “girl-time”. The circle gives us an opportunity to experience ourselves and other women more deeply, intensely and joyfully.


What do we experience and practice in a circle?

SAFETY: we don’t gossip, we don’t judge, we don’t interrupt and we don’t advise, we learn to trust ourselves and others

AUTHENTICITY: we don’t pretend nor act, we don’t do small talk, we learn how to listen to ourselves and authentically communicate, we bravely express ourselves and experience the moment

CARE: we learn how to take care of ourselves and our needs, we learn to devote time to ourselves and we nourish our bodies and souls

SISTERHOOD: we get to meet other women and build friendships, we learn how to trust other women, we spend meaningful and intentional time together, we share our presence and attention, we support each other and provide a sense of safety

INNER GROWTH: we gain new experiences, we practice mindfulness and courage, we open our hearts and minds, we widen our perspective, we explore our strengths and weaknesses, we strengthen our self-esteem, we discover our desires and goals

If you're interested in participating in a Sisterhood Circle...


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