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"You do not have to be good.

You only have to let the soft animal of your body

love what it loves."

(M. Oliver, Wild Geese)

Cultivate inner safety and deep grounded self-connection through sacred embodiment, self-parenting, play and pleasure. Feeling deeply relaxed and nourished you will emerge ready to steadily keep flowing with the natural current of your daily life.

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Dear One,

I long to guide you on a journey in the direction that will sustainably allow you to tap into what you are looking for. Whether it's a sense of connection, belonging, excitement, safety, joy, pleasure or peace…


The direction is always...

Inwards, back to yourself, your own heart, body and spirit.

When chaos reigns in the outside world, there is a space, deep inside your own being...

Dark quiet emptiness which holds the shimmering seeds of possibility.


Slow down dear one...

Slow down, pay attention, and become Intimate with Life.

It is this intimacy that makes the difference between the mundane and the extraordinary.

And it is just a breath away.

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the self

There is only one direction - back to yourself.


You are the Home that you seek - the Home Within. The journey you need to take to find it is one from self-abandonment to self-connection, from self-betrayal to self-trust.


You are your own refuge, your own source of nourishment and medicine. Pause the compulsive grasping outside of yourself.


Drop into the quiet aliveness of your own Being and taste the unlimited possibilities of your own Depth.

That feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment that you long for?


It is not something to achieve, it is something to allow... It is always and unconditionally available to you. When you slow down, breathe, open, lean back, and receive...


It is Intimacy with Life itself that you seek.

And it is just a breath away...

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Self-Intimacy-desktop website_edited.jpg


Your sacred body is your home, your vehicle and your temple.


The safety you long for cannot come from the outside world, but only and ever from within your own relaxed nervous system.


The process of embodying yourself - fully landing in and inhabiting your body is the secret to remembering the truth of who you really are.

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Journey with me...

You hold the keys.

And only you can open the door.

I help you decipher the map and use the tools that are already sitting in your backpack.

I hold a loving space for you, witness, tune in, and guide your journey in a safe container. I reflect, mirror, and offer insights. I recommend resources that might further support you.


I always encourage your self-empowerment and sovereignty.

During our time together...

You will:


be witnessed and held in an atmosphere of openness and acceptance

be able to touch and taste the source of nourishment and fulfillment within yourself

get to experience the frequency of the "home within"

learn the technology of self-intimacy that you will always be able to come back to

We will:


breathe, sound, move and incorporate (self-)touch

practice being present and welcoming to anything and everything that will arise

move away from self-abandonment, towards self-trust and integration

root deep within our bodies while attuning ourselves to the frequency of the Heart

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self-intimacy tune up

Short and sweet session to come back into your body and reconnect with your heart.

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