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Depression, Consciousness and how they are connected

I sense a deep need for a revolution, starting with a personal one, of which a first step will be to recognize and acknowledge that if you feel like things are not right, like you cannot cope, like the life you have been trying to sustain is not sustainable anymore in its old form, it is NOT because there is something WRONG WITH YOU.

It is because we are spiritual beings on a human trip in a societal reality which is hostile towards that which is deep, meaningful, connected, natural, communal, relaxed, joyful, wild, animal, fluctuating, transitional and transformational. And all that, is what our souls crave. Depression, anxiety, physical illness, are all symptoms of your soul, your deep core spiritual nature, not being heard, acknowledged and respected. That is one side of the coin. The other one is to realize, that it is harder than ever to do just that - listen and be aligned with our own selves.

Each human being on this planet was born with one objective only - to know & to nourish their own soul, their spirit, their heart, and THROUGH that to know and nourish others. The illusion of separation is what causes us to forget and neglect our souls. We need to remember and realize the profound truth that by responding to our spirits, we respond to the universe. We respond to our calling and our purpose. Therefore our first responsibility is always and only to our own souls. It is not easy, the system in which we struggle to survive, the jobs we waste our precious time in, the poisonous food and drugs we numb ourselves with, the houses we separate ourselves in - all this was created with one objective only: to make us forget in order to enslave us. To make us forget that we are divine powerful creative beings, and instead, make us believe that we are citizens, employees, slaves to this horrific system of disconnection and abuse. How are we not supposed to go "mad"? If the "reality" that surrounds us is raping our deepest core nature, is violently making us do things we do not wish to do, is forcing us to silence our deepest needs and desires.

How else can we notice this everyday rape which is taking place on our souls, if not by our souls screaming and tearing our minds and bodies down, so that maybe we STOP & NOTICE.

Will you stop and notice? Will you take care of yourself, not tomorrow, when it's too late, but today?

By taking the power back into your own hands and making a difference in your life by making different choices? One of these choices might be to not be alone, to reach out for help when you need it. To face your shame and admit "I cannot do this alone, I need you." Reaching out for help will be one of the most empowering moments in your life, and we are all worth to feel that kind of empowerment and sense of self-love that follows. From my own experience I know that reaching out and asking for help is THE MOST DIFFICULT part, but you have to be brave, and YOU HAVE TO DO IT. There is no other way.

Take that first step - REACH OUT & CONNECT. By connecting with another soul, you will awaken your own, and vice versa. Everything else will follow.

It is a long and difficult trip we chose to embark on, but there is a reason why we chose it. What is yours? There is nothing more important in our lives, than to answer that question. There is nothing more important than to remember your soul's purpose because once you start experiencing glimpses of how it feels to live from that place of connection and trust, the love and bliss you will be flooded with, will heal everything that came before.. And then, only then, you will be able to give and receive fully, in an organic and effortless way. And just be, and just live and enjoy the ride. This time around.

Much love to all dear friends :) <3

You can read the article that inspired this post here

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