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My Events

I host your personal growth during small group events. I bring people together live and online to explore various topics in a group setting. Exciting group dynamics often allow for a deeper dive into ourselves and provide a priceless mirror in which we can clearly see what works and what doesn't. Besides the educational aspect, I love facilitating connection-building and simply providing people with an opportunity to socialize. Some examples of the events I initiated in the past include a mind-mapping circle, book club for women, a high school lesson on gender awareness. My plans for the future focus on women empowerment circles and gender awareness workshops. Please visit and like my page on Facebook to stay updated about upcoming events.

Your Events

I use my professional experience in hospitality, event and project management to host events that promote personal growth. From workshops and retreats to lectures and conferences, I use my organizational and entrepreneurial skills to help you run a successful event. I build a frame, provide administrative support, and finally live hosting assistance to make your guests feel welcome and taken care of.


I work on a short and long term project basis. Please contact me for more details and an offer designed to address your specific needs.


Some of my current and past projects include:

  • Retreat Center Coordination at New Eden 

  • Event coordination for Heart IQ Network

  • Voice-over Noord
    February 2015 – March 2015

  • The Colonial Legacy of the Treaty of Utrecht: 1713-1863-2013
    April 2012 – June 2013

  • Edward Said Memorial Conference
    April 2012 – April 2013

  • ATGENDER Spring Conference 2013
    April 2013

  • 8th European Feminist Research Conference
    May 2012

  • ATGENDER Spring Conference 2011
    April 2011

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