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Self-Intimacy Temple

Cultivate inner safety and deep grounded self-connection through verbal sharing, sacred embodiment, play and pleasure. Feeling deeply relaxed and nourished you will emerge, ready to steadily keep moving with the natural current of your daily life. 


I hold a loving space for you, offer my full presence, listen, reflect back, and offer insight. I witness, tune in, and guide your journey in a safe container. If requested, I recommend resources that might further support you. 


That feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment that you long for? It is not something to achieve, it is something to allow... It is always and unconditionally available to you. When you slow down, breathe, open, lean back, and receive... It is intimacy with Life itself that you seek. And it is right here...


Your sacred body is your home, your vehicle and your temple. The safety you long for cannot come from the outside world, but only and ever from within your own relaxed nervous system. The process of embodying yourself - fully landing in and inhabiting your body is the Holy Grail of our human life.


 Journey deep inside your body and heart to find the source of your authentic voice. Use breath, sound and movement to tap into your inner knowing. Allow the natural vibration of your voice to purify your body, mind and spirit, and to attune you to the frequency of the Heart. 

There is only one direction
- back to yourself

You hold the keys.

And only you can open the door.

I can help you decipher the map and use the tools that are already sitting in your backpack.

I can hold your hand, remind you to take a pause, breathe, and then nudge you forward.

I will listen closely, read between the lines, tune into my own body wisdom and share the insights.


I will always encourage your self-empowerment and sovereignty.

During our time together...

You will:

  • be able to share your thoughts and feelings in a relaxed atmosphere

  • be witnessed and heard without judgement

  • reconnect with your inner strength, joy, and the "juice" of life

  • gain clarity/motivation/inspiration

We will: 

  • breathe, sound, move and incorporate (self-)touch

  • practice being present and welcoming to anything and everything that will arise 

  • move away from self-abandonment, towards self-trust and integration

  • root deep within our bodies while attuning ourselves to the frequency of the Heart

Words of Appreciation

Elena Lomo Melian

There is transformative power in being witnessed by a wise wild woman who has walked the path & walks her talk. Paulina is this kind of a woman. Her gifts & capacities are as varied as her life experience. She is a rich, abundant well of wisdom & her big mama heart is as wide as the ocean in its capacity to welcome ALL parts of our humanity in loving witness. To me she is the woman, sister & friend I reach out to when I am struggling to accept myself, my life situation, my thoughts or feelings, and I need a safe space to really 'let it all hang out unfiltered'. Even in the darkest, most lost, & messy moments, she can meet me there, in authentic compassionate presence. In her presence I remember I'm ok & I don't need changing or fixing (not even the darkest & most unconscious parts of me) & that I am worthy of being seen exactly as I am. This creates a sacred space of relaxation where a deeper wisdom is able to reveal itself in the space between us. There are few inner places Paulina has not been, and I struggle to imagine anywhere she would not go if her heart called her there. Paulina is a trail blazer & one of the most courageous, relentless & fiercely loving devotees on the path of Her Heart I know.

My Toolbox

In my practice I draw from the rich education I received since 2001

and my equally rich and diverse personal life experiences. I follow the guidance of my inner embodied knowing and the ethical code of conduct for coaches and counsellors. 

In my eclectic toolbox you will find:

Philosophy (MA 2007)

Gender Studies (MA 2010)

Life-coaching & Counselling (2016)

Sisterhood & Feminine Mysteries; Tantra; Heart Circle Facilitation; Heart Intelligent Communication; Trauma Awareness and Somatic Resourcing; Psychedelic and Plant Medicine Wisdom; Sound Healing; Shamanic Practices; Rewilding and Archetype Work; Stage Performance; Meditation; Dance & Embodiment; Art of Hosting

Would you like to learn more about my inspirations and influences?

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