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Mindy Mossman

After a clumsy attempt at creating my own website, I knew I needed help, so I was thrilled to learn that Paulina was available to help me.  I loved the process of working with her from the first moment! She was the perfect combination of practical, supportive and talented, able to create a visually pleasing site design for which I’ve received so much positive feedback!  Paulina made the whole process so much easier and the end result is stunning.  I highly recommend Paulina as an excellent resource for website design.

Bas van der Tang

Paulina has made a beautiful, light and open webspace for my works and doings. She has really captured the nature of my works and offered them a framework to be seen online. She has in depth knowledge of how to create space within the Wix system and connects with her clients on a personal level to translate their needs and desires to a website. Lovvit!

Paulina can create really beautiful websites. Very nice style, simple and elegant. I especially love her choices of the photos and images used, it’s very well tuned in.


Kamila Plihalova, director of New Eden Retreat Center

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