Sisterhood Circle for Mamas

Are you a mom longing for more connection, loving care 

and emotional support in your life?

Dear Mama,


It's time to act and put myself out there. I'm in need of support. I'm scared that I'm failing as a mom. I'm stressed, exhausted, and discouraged, A LOT. My sweet boy is 2, and I feel totally unprepared to parent him in this new phase. I struggle with impatience and anger. Mostly, it's the loneliness and isolation that are making it all feel very very difficult. I became a single mom when my son was 9mo. I moved from Amsterdam to a tiny village in Friesland where I work and live at a beautiful retreat center. It's heaven on earth in many ways, and can be extremely challenging in others. In short, I don't have a community here that could hold me and support me.


I am also very passionate about circle work as a form of intentional coming together and consciously growing in awareness and love. Even more so, about Sisters coming together and supporting each other. My main take away from Sister Circles and the biggest gift that I have discovered is that when women come together ready to open their sacred bodies and hearts with one another, our cups are filled to the brim. We are nourished in a way that allows us to start meeting the world from a place of abundance instead of lack. And most importantly for me, we start to relax into our authentic being, and begin to free our hearts and minds, so that we can live our lives with joy and ease.


I want that :)


And if you want it too, please get in touch. Let's do it TOGETHER

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