There is only one direction
- back to yourself

You hold the keys. And only you can open the door. I can help you decipher the map and use the tools that are already sitting in your backpack. I can hold your hand, remind you to take a pause and breathe, and then nudge you forward. I will listen closely, read between the lines, tune into my own body wisdom and share the insights. I will always encourage your self-empowerment and sovereignty. I will honor your individuality and 

You want to grow and you want to learn. But mostly you just want to feel heard and seen. Accepted and supported. You want to know that when you sit in that chair you will be embraced with a sense of safety and acceptance that will allow you to open your heart and mind, and do the work you need to do, to get where you want to be. To become who you want to be, or to simply be good with who you are now.


You can sense the change is coming, you can feel it in the air. And yet you can’t quite get there. There are obstacles on your way and you want to get to the other side. Let me hold your hand and stand next to you on that journey. Let me guide you towards the path you want to take. Let me be your mirror, so that you can see for yourself how magnificent you are. All of you: the light, the dark and every shade in between.

Why Me?

I provide you with a frame and a safe space to journey inwards, explore and get to know yourself better. During this journey you will discover gifts and treasures which I will help you bring outwards - into the real world and your daily life. Equipped with such experience and tools you will be empowered to live your life the way you truly want to live it.


During our time together you will:

  • be able to share your thoughts and feelings in a relaxed atmosphere

  • be witnessed and heard without judgement

  • receive emotional support

  • feel seen and taken care of

  • reconnect with your inner strength, joy, and the "juice" of life

  • learn practical ways to deal with the difficulties at hand

  • gain clarity and motivation to take next steps in your life

  • gain inspiration and knowledge in the area of personal growth

If you feel curious (and sometimes that's all we have!) and ready to take the first step forward, please contact me and let's discover what journey lies ahead of you. 

My Toolbox

In my practice I draw from the rich education I received since 2001

and my equally rich and diverse personal life experiences. 

I follow the guidance of my inner embodied knowing. 

In my eclectic toolbox you will find:

Philosophy (MA 2007)

Gender Studies (MA 2010)

Life-coaching & Counselling (2016)

Art of Hosting

Heart Circle Facilitation

Heart Intelligent Communication

Motivational Speaking and Stage Performance


Dance & Embodiment

Rewilding and Archetype Work

Psychedelic and Plant Medicine Wisdom

Women's Work

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