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What is Coaching and Counselling?


"Life coaching" is a personal development training, which focuses on increasing the quality of life by solving personal problems and finding ways to achieve the set objectives. It is strongly focused on results and use of effective tools. Includes: life plans, a vision in life, self-care, relationships (for singles, couples and families), health and beauty, creativity, financial freedom, organization, parenting, attention deficits.


"Counselling" can be paraphrased as "guidance", and is a specific type of psychological and emotional support that helps individuals reach lost mental balance, find a way out of a difficult situation, but also to discover a new way of looking at their life or relationships.


Important: coaching and counselling I offer are not the same as psychotherapy - therefore they aren't a form of medical treatment. If you are looking for a treatment of mental illness or disorder please always contact your family doctor/general practitioner.


Who is it for?


Both forms of support in personal development are addressed to people who are looking for and are open to changes in life. Often they don’t know quite yet what to change, but they feel that there's something missing in their current life. Perhaps a sense of fulfillment at home and work, perhaps excitement, and maybe the joy of everyday life. Either way, they are ready but don't know how to take responsibility for their own lives and need support in this challenging process of transformation.


In what situations?


- Difficulty making decisions

- Difficulty communicating with others

- Lack of motivation in life / work

- Difficulty defining and achieving goals

- Need for support in moments of intense life changes

- Desire to know oneself deeper, discovering one's own limits and possibilities

- Need to talk to someone and to be heard, when friends or family are not able to fulfill such a role (in particular, if you need someone who is open, impartial and empathetic, someone to listen and offer an external perspective and counsel)

My Toolbox

In my practice I draw from the rich education I received since 2001 and my equally rich and diverse personal life experiences. In my eclectic toolbox you'll find:


Gender Studies




Art of Hosting

Heart IQ

Imago and Attachment theories

Elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Deep listening and conversation skills

Multicultural approach

Motivational speaking



Psychedelic research

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